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    the importance of quality crimp connections
  • Learn

    why crimp connections fail
  • Know

    how to determine the quality of a crimped connection

    Free Posters & Training Tools

    A3 EN Auszugstest MusterA3 EN statement test sample posters to use as templates for hard copies:

    Support your customers with free printable posters and training tools. Provided with your company logo and address, this is, besides supporting your customers, also an ideal marketing tool!

    The posters are provided as artwork (200/300 dpi) in different dimensions. It is up to you whether you pass these posters on to your customers as a hard copy or make them available as a download on your website.

    Send us your company logo (if possible, in high resolution) as jpg or png and your company address by e-mail. We will send you the print-ready poster as a download.

    Free training tools
    These training tools are stand-alone applications (*.exe) and have been developed especially for skill enhancement in manufacturing. These training tools will also be provided with your address and logo!

    You need the posters and training tools in another language?
    Start a translation project with us. You will receive a storyboard with all texts from us. These scripts are relatively short and limited to the essentials. Consequently, the time required for the translation is manageable (around 1 hour). We will create the print-ready poster or training tools for you to download to your website or print out.




    You can focus on basic and advanced know-how in the form of interactive online and inhouse courses or Webinars. Individual contents are also possible.



    Find out everything you need to know for our comprehensive technical publications, technical reference works, and interactive training modules.



    Crimppedia is the technical library for cable processing and crimping technology and a joint project of KabelForum.com and Crimp-Academy.com.

    Online shop

    Online shop

    Soon you will be able to purchase and download our electronic documentation and interactive training tools directly online, around the clock.

    Who will benefit from these materials?

    • All operators working with hand tools, semi- or fully automated machines for wire cutting, stripping and crimping: understand the ins and outs of crimped connections and avoid errors in the process.
    • Wiring harness OEM-production and maintenance
    • QA - Quality Management Representatives in charge of monitoring, verification, assessment and safety of electronic connections: deepen the knowledge for an even better understanding, get tools to optimize the processes and tests.
    • People who are responsible in the company for the education and training of crimp operators: you receive comprehensible documentation, with many clear graphics and precise descriptions, which help to explain and convey this specialized knowledge.
    • Your customers: will be happy with your excellent crimp quality, so will be in it for the long term.
    • Wiring harness designers
    • Not only users of crimping tools benefit, but of course also manufacturers of such tools. Naturally, the designers and quality officers must be thoroughly familiar with these topics. Also, sales people will greatly benefit from expert knowledge in this field, because they will better understand the quality needs of their clients.

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