CRIMP ACADEMY derives from the German ventures “KabelForum” & “Crimp Akademie” - in the German-speaking area quite an institution for information about cables, connectors and everything related to them.


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For many years, KabelForum has been dealing with documentations and seminars around cable processing.

It all started with the fact that there was no in-depth information about crimping technology and the official standards were - and still are - very limited in their informative value about crimp quality. That’s why, about 30 years ago, the first documentations and courses for the training of workforces in wire harness manufacturing were created.

Even today, there is still no established vocational training in which the processing of cables and wires as well as the creation of crimp connections can be learned. Not even in good old Germany, where you have apprenticeships for pretty much everything. As a result, companies in this industry have to install their own training programs.

At the same time, the ever-increasing demands on the quality of crimp connections constantly pose new challenges to manufacturing and thus also to the topic-oriented training of personnel in cable assembly.

Over the years, different documentations, presentations and training tools have been developed and are constantly updated and extended to in order to close knowledge gaps in this specific field.

Due to an ever-increasing international demand for deep specialist knowledge on the ins & outs of crimp connections, a decision was made to make this expertise know-how also available for an English-speaking audience. Step-by-step, technical literature, online courses and videos will be added to our sites. So make sure you stay tuned and check back on a regular basis.


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