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There are many different reasons why people or companies look for specialty knowledge in the field of electrical connections.

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Experience shows that – unfortunately – many times specialist information and education is sought only after the damage has already been done. We’re talking about quality issues, failure of machines & devices and resulting damage claims deriving from faulty crimp connections.

Generally, such things do not happen out of intent or ignorance. In most cases, people are simply not aware of the quality problems in production. And they are hit very hard by sometimes disastrous outcomes or customer claims.

In school, you may learn about the basics of electricity, but you never really hear about crimp connections. Fair enough, it’s rather special stuff and not basic knowledge for everyone.

If you choose a career that involves electrics or electronics in some form, the chances of encountering these topics are much higher. However, there is usually no special training or career on the subject of cable connections. The training happens on the job or is organized by the companies themselves. Information is usually passed on by the most qualified and experienced people in the company.

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But many times, it’s not that easy to find comprehensive technical literature on the subject of crimping (of course, also wire stripping and everything else that goes with it). Literature that is well structured and enters deeply into the subject. That describes processes with graphics in a pictorial and understandable way. Or even interactive training material that brings this literature to your PC.

CRIMP ACADEMY offers technical literature, either as printable e-book in pdf-format or animated training tool to be used on your PC. We also offer online-courses and webinars, with access to the designated documentation.

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For quick access to specific topics, we created CRIMPPEDIA – a technical library on the subject of cable processing, with definitions, explanations, error descriptions, process notes, animations, videos and much more.

The goal is to enable the people who produce or work with crimped connections to do their job better by creating awareness of possible quality issues and sources of error. Employee training is critical to the success of all businesses. An operator equipped with the right tools and training ensures higher quality results and ultimately lower operating costs for your company.


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