Training module: „Principles of Crimping Technology”

The content of this training module is based on the Specialist publication: „Principles of Crimping Technology – Compendium“.

Everything on the subject of crimping is explained illustratively and in detail. From cutting cables to stripping to crimping. From working with hand tools to fully automatic machines. From the preparation to the testing of crimp connections. Problems and errors that may occur and how to solve or avoid them. We look at the different types of crimp terminals and their characteristics.

We explore current industry standards and explain ways how to achieve optimum quality for your own applications.

This training module is useful for in-house training and further education of machine setters and production personnel. It can be used as a basis for training as well as a reference source.

  • Anwendung "Crimp Technik"

  • Anwendung "Geschlossene Crimphülse"

  • Anwendung "Handwerkzeuge"

  • Anwendung "Offene Crimphülse"

  • Anwendung "Alternative Verbindungstechniken"

    What’s the difference to the PDF e-book then?

    Due to the interactive structure of the training module, you can browse through the individual application files like in a book, but in the format of your computer screen. A table of contents makes it possible to select specific topics or to scroll back and forth within the topics. Animations show schematic diagrams of processes such as stripping wires, etc.

    This documentation system is not a video, though. The system was created using Macromedia Flash and is provided as a interactive application.

    Information / preview of the structure and content of the training module

    • Application "Crimp Technology": Basics of wire processing. All attachments and training tools can be started from this application.
      • K02 The task: Basics of connection technology Crimping
      • K03 The conductor: Handling, cutting, stripping and sheathing of cables and wires
      • K04 Crimping - open crimp barrel: Processing of open crimp barrels
      • K05 Testing: Testing methods in crimping technology
      • K06 Machine technology: Design and function
      • K07 Tooling technology MQC: Design, settings and function
      • K08 Hand crimping tools: Creating open crimp connections with hand crimping pliers
      • K09 Assembly - disassembly: Making crimp connections
      • K10 Wire end: Clip, shark claw
      • Quick menu: Areas of the open crimp barrel.
      • Quick menu: Error descriptions in the overview
    • Application "Closed Crimp Barrel": Requirements, functions and applications for the following areas
      • Hexagonal crimping
      • Indentcrimping
      • Deep indent crimping
      • Pre-insulated cable lug
      • Wire end ferrule
      • Turned contact
      • Notch crimping
    • Application "Hand Tools": Working with hand tools
      • Cutting, stripping, crimping
    • Application "Open Crimp Barrel": Compact representation of the individual areas for the visual inspection of the open crimp barrel.
    • Application "Alternative joining techniques": Alternative joining techniques in wire processing
      • Splice technique
      • Twisting & tinning
      • Ultrasonic welding

     Publication type: Interactive application  Target Group: In-house training and continuing education


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